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The Mission Possible Team (MPT) began as a mission of the Adopt-A-School (AAS) program in the 1997/1998 academic school year, with the intent of working with 5th and 6th graders to focus on the first steps of career planning and for the students to participate in collaborative teams, which will aid to their success in the working world. Since the MPT?s conception, the program has expanded to include middle and high school students. The Junior Varsity MPT is focused on students in the 6th ? 8th grade. The Varsity MPT is focused on students in the 9th - 12th grade. In the Junior Varsity program the students participate in monthly activities that or either problem solving activities or field trips. The Varsity program works in conjunction with a tutoring program to assist the students in their high school studies; the students have the opportunity to be awarded a academic scholarship in the 12th grade, if the meet the set criteria.

Membership of the MPT is intentionally small (10 - 20 students) to foster a mentoring environment. The participants are students who have demonstrated strong academic performance and have very few disciplinary problems.

The decision to adopt May Greene Elementary School in the 1986/87 academic year was the result of an objective set by the Multi-Cultural Leadership Team (MCLT)/Site Leadership Team (SLT ) to "home grow" some of the future employee?s of the Cape Girardeau plant. Cape Girardeau public schools have a unique mixture of students, faculty and staff with diverse cultural backgrounds. The MCLT/SLT view this diverse group as a pool of talent for our plant and community.

The AAS program was handed over to an outside organization to continue the program with MPT students. We (MCLT & SLT) did not see the desired results that we as a group were expecting. As a result we felt it was imperative to take-over and renew the program in 2003.

Since the MPT was developed, it?s members have participated in a variety of events. Recent activities include:

Procter & Gamble Plant Tour
Field Trip to Southern Illinois University Engineering Department
Hoover Craft Design Activity
Egg Drop Activity
Mouse Trap Race Cars Activity
Balsa Wood Gliders Activity
Field Trip St. Louis Science Center
Field Trip Boeing
Rockets Activity

Procter & Gamble, working with the teachers, staff and school officials, wants to empower a team of dedicated students to work together toward the continuous improvement of the quality of life in Cape Girardeau.

MPT Expectations

The expectations of the Mission Possible Team are very high in achieving the goals set and our success is dependant on the collaboration of everyone involved. It is important that volunteers are clear on the expectations of the Mission Possible Team, teachers, parents, students, community, Procter & Gamble and themselves. The following is information that will give all a better understanding of what their individual roll will be in driving to make each event and the mission a success. We are all owners of this team and its success is dependent on our dedication and diligence.


Champions ? Drive the success of the total program and each individual event. Set direction and follow through on deliverables. Also, work constantly to improve the programs success, effectiveness, material and participation.
MCLT Members ? Active roll in the success of the program through planning, participation and communicating to others our goal to increase participation.

Active roll in the success of the program through planning, participation and/or communicating to students/others our goal to increase positive participation.

Behave with proper conduct at all events. Respect all volunteers, their peers and themselves. Take full advantage of every learning opportunity. In order for current MPT students to participate in the end of the year activity: Students must not be on suspension within the last quarter of school and must have attended at least 4 MPT Activities during the current school year.

When leading an event one should come fully prepared to present background information on the subject and lead the activity with assistance from MPT members and other volunteers. When volunteers are not leading an event all that is required is a basic understanding of the activity and enthusiasm.

Again, the cooperation of all is essential in achieving success. These expectations are not all inclusive and an atmosphere of efficiency and positivity should be the goal of all while we work to bring the youth of Cape Girardeau a passion for learning and a sense of pride in community and diversity.

Field trip to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


We help MPT students acquire the basic educational requirements needed to be successful in the working world. We will do this through supplemental activities, which will emphasize math and science.

We supplement the educational process to better prepare our students for the responsibilities of higher education and adulthood.

We provide exposure to a broader range of positive influences, experiences and role models to a target group of students in the Cape Girardeau community.

We will achieve our mission by:

~ Conducting developmental activities that focus on a broad range of topics (primarily math, science & problem solving)
~ Expanding awareness of people, careers, laces, events, possibilities and opportunities to which they may not normally be exposed
~ Helping our students to focus on the first steps of his/her career by providing coaching early enough for students to begin exploring the possibilities the future holds for them

~ GPA: 3.0 overall, 3.0 in math/science
~ Satisfactory conduct
~ Recommendation from science teacher/math teacher/counselor (new students only)

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